Johannes Mallow

Das ist die offizielle Website von Gedächtniskünstler, Gedächtnistrainer und Gedächtnisweltmeister Johannes Mallow. Hier gibt es Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Videos, Informationen und den offiziellen Blog von Gedächtnis Weltmeister Johannes Mallow aus Magdeburg.


You are planning an event and are looking for something special? Surprise your audience with a presentation to “remember”. Be surprised by unusual memory feats and learn more about methods to improve your memory in an entertaining presentation!


Do you have an idea what I, as memory artists, should memorize for your event? Be it numbers, cards, pictures or names! Nearly everything is possible. Would you like to host a try for a new world record? Send me a message and we can develop an event that will impress your guests together!


With the help of  easy to learn techniques, it is possible to use your memory more effectively and to multiply your memory performance. The techniques can be used both in the everyday life for the memorization of names, to-do lists or account numbers as well as for school, study and occupation, for example for learning vocabulary or for free speeches and lectures.

You will be surprised about what is possible with proper operating instructions for your memory. Contact me for your in-house seminar!

Individual Coaching

Memory Coaching for Students, Professionals and Executives:

  • “The read thread in your head” - Free speaking without notes”

  • “What should I say?” Always have the right arguments for customer meetings, negotiations and meetings!

  • “Good day Mr. …?!” Remember the names of customers and colleagues easily and permanently!

  • Individual coaching for students with focus on all departments!

I will gladly discuss your individual needs with you! A coaching session can be help in person or online. Schedule an appointment now!